Anesthetics & Sedation

If you’re feeling anxious about your next dental visit or need extensive work done, we offer nitrous oxide conscious sedation. Also known as Laughing Gas, nitrous oxide helps patients relax during their dental treatments. The effects wear off shortly after the completion of your treatment.

3D & Digital X-Rays

3D and digital x-rays increase patient safety and provide our Live Oak Family Dental Care team with more accurate imaging. This allows us to provide patients with highly efficient treatment plans that are specific to each detail of their diagnosis. Detailed images are collected by a digital scan, then pulled up on a screen with a variety of angles and views.


Detecting decay early is important for preventing painful dental problems and expensive procedures. DIAGNOdent® can detect cavities early- often before it can be recognized by other means. Fillings for cavities that are caught sooner can often be smaller, which allows us to use minimally invasive filling techniques and preserve more of your natural tooth. Additionally, the low intensity Diagnodent laser enables us to monitor areas of concern without repeated X-rays!

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera provides us with digital images that are not only useful for diagnostic purposes, but also aid with patient education. Using the intraoral camera, Dr. Argandona can give you a live tour of your mouth! This gives you a first hand view of your problem areas and allows us to show you more accurately what your treatments will entail.


The revolutionary Isolite™ system was designed with patient comfort in mind, and has a soft, flexible mouthpiece so that you rest your mouth during dental treatments. Isolite illuminates your mouth from the inside, eliminating shadows and giving us a clearer view of our work. Say goodbye to cotton rolls, suction, and rinse breaks! Isolite has a self-aspirating technology so you won’t have to spit into a sink.


A PerioLase® is used to treat soft tissue diseases and prevent bacteria during oral surgery. If you have periodontal disease or gingivitis, Dr. Argandona will us PerioLase digital technology to help clean and protect your mouth against bacteria and continuing disease. Scaling and root planing will get your gums back in tip-top shape and keep you comfortable, without uncomfortable cutting or suturing.

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Great experience at Live Oak in Leander! Friendly staff, the Dental Hygienist Janine was great and very sweet. The dentist Priscila Donangelo was amazing – very knowledgeable, attentive, explained me everything that was going on and need to be done.

Nathaly Louvera

Dr. Argandoña and Dr. Donangelo are both great dentists and are also very caring. They are thorough but not pushy and they try to explain everything very well. I have also found both of them to be gentle, warm and compassionate, as well as accessible when I need them!

Donna Morris

From arrival to departure gives this dentistry office an A+. Your local neighborhood dentist gives you undivided attention and is great with kids! They always ask for permission from the parent before doing any services to the child. They are a very friendly staff.

Norma Garza

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