If you are missing one or more teeth, it’s important to replace those teeth. If you don’t, your other existing teeth will eventually shift in place to fill in the gap left behind by the missing teeth, and that can lead to a host of other dental problems. When it comes to replacing teeth, more and more patients are choosing dental implants, which is why Dr. Argandona is pleased to offer this as one of the many services she provide to her patients from throughout Leander, Texas.


What You Should Know about Dental Implants

An implant consists of a metal post that is implanted into the jawbone of the patient. After a period of time (usually a few months), the implant fuses to the bone, and an artificial tooth is affixed to the root. The process involved in getting a new dental implant is lengthy, but many patients consider it well worth the effort because it’s as close to getting a new natural tooth as dental technology will allow!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants aren’t the only method available to replace missing teeth. You could also choose to have a dental bridge or a partial denture, for example. But dental implants offer several benefits that other options do not:

Implants are very stable and don’t shift or slip the way that partials and bridges can. Implants don’t require any special care you simply take care of them in the same way that you do your normal teeth. Implants are typically more comfortable than dentures or bridges because adjoining teeth are not affected.

Placement of Dental Implants

The process involved with dental implants typically takes several months. The first step involves surgically placing the implant into the patient’s jawbone. Over the course of three to six months, the implant will fuse to the bone. Once that process is completed, your dentist will attach a post to the implant, and finally the replacement tooth (a crown) is affixed to the post.


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