If you are missing one or more teeth, you might think that you can simply live without them. But not replacing missing teeth is a mistake because eventually your other existing teeth will shift in place to fill in the gap left behind by the missing teeth. That can throw your bite off, which can negatively impact the way you chew food and/or cause discomfort and pain. Fortunately, modern dental technology provides several ways to replace missing teeth. One of the most popular are dental bridges, which is why Dr. Argandona offers these appliances as one of the many services she provides to her patients from throughout the Leander, TX, and West Lake Hills, TX, areas.


What You Should Know about Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are comprised of one or more artificial teeth mounted onto a metal frame. The frame fits over the patient’s existing teeth on either side of the gap. The artificial teeth in a bridge are typically constructed of a porcelain dental material, often the first choice by both dentists and patients because of its durability and because the porcelain can be made to very closely match the patient’s natural teeth. Generally speaking, there are two types of dental bridges available: fixed (non-removable) and those that can be removed by the patient for cleaning.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Getting a new dental bridge will usually require at least two visits to our office. The first step involves making an impression of the teeth on either side of where the patient is missing teeth. This impression will be used by a dental lab to create the bridge. The next step takes place after the permanent bridge is ready. Dr. Argandona will fit the patient with the new bridge, taking time to ensure that it fits properly, that it’s comfortable for the patient, and that it doesn’t negatively impact the patient’s natural bite.


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