If you’ve suffered an illness, accident or injury that has left you with significant damage to your teeth, we can help. For some people, one or two simple dental procedures can’t come close to restoring them to good oral health and a fully functional set of teeth, which is why Dr. Agandona is pleased to offer full mouth reconstruction services to her patients from throughout the Leander, TX.


Important Information about Full Mouth Reconstruction

At Live Oak Family Dental Care, we understand how important it is to have a fully functional set of healthy teeth and gums. Full mouth reconstruction is a plan custom-made for each patient to restore him or her to good oral health, a fully functional set of teeth, and the most attractive smile possible. Typically, full mouth reconstruction will consist of several restorative and cosmetic procedures. Exactly which dental services are included will depend on the individual needs of each patient. Although it typically takes several months to complete such a plan, the end result is well worth the effort and the wait!

Creating Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Plan

The first step in creating a full mouth reconstruction plan specifically designed for you involves meeting with Dr. Argandona to discuss your goals with regard to your teeth and gums. Dr. Argandona will need to perform a thorough dental exam to assess the state of your current oral health. After that, she will take into consideration your goals and what she believes is needed to restore you to good oral health and a fully functional set of teeth and gums.


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