The vast majority of both patients and dentists would agree that it’s almost always preferable to keep your natural teeth. Unfortunately, that ’s not always possible. There are those circumstances that require  wisdom teeth removal, which is why Dr.  Argandona offers this procedure as one of the many services she provides for her patients from throughout the Leander, Texas.

Every patient’s situation is somewhat different. When it comes to tooth extractions, generally speaking there are two types of procedures possible: a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. What follows is a brief explanation of each type of  dental extraction  procedure: Simple Extraction – Just as the name would indicate, a simple extraction is a much less invasive procedure than a surgical extraction. If you have a tooth that has already erupted through the surface of the gum tissue, Dr. Argandona will use a dental tool referred to as an “elevator” and forceps to remove the tooth.Surgical Extraction – If you have a tooth that needs to be pulled but has not yet erupted through the surface of the gums (such as an impacted wisdom tooth, for example), Dr. Argandona will need to perform a surgical wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom tooth removal procedure involves making an incision in the gum tissue in order to remove the affected tooth.Although the thought of tooth extractions may be intimidating for many patients, these procedures are really quite common, and we provide patients with sedation options to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The Role of the Patient in Wisdom Tooth Removal

The patient plays a very important role in dental extractions. Although the procedure itself is relatively simple, it’s the patient who needs to follow up afterwards at home in order to ensure a speedy recovery. Dr. Argandona will provide a full set of instructions regarding at-home recovery, but it’s up to the patient to follow those instructions to the letter to ensure a complete and fast recovery.


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