Most teeth that have some amount of decay can be repaired with either a filling or a crown. But if you have a tooth that is so badly decayed that the pulp of the tooth is infected, Dr. Argandona may recommend a root canal. This procedure is an excellent way to save a tooth that might otherwise be lost, which is why we are pleased to offer root canal services to our patients from throughout Leander, Texas.

The Root Canal Treatment

A root canal will typically require two visits to one of our office locations. Our root canal dentist Dr. Argandona will start the procedure by removing all decay present in the affected tooth, along with the nerve and pulp of the tooth. The next step in the process involves thoroughly cleaning the tooth and using a special medicated sealant to seal it off. A crown may also be necessary in some instances. A root canal is a great way to save a tooth because teeth don’t require either nerves or pulp to function normally, which means the tooth should be as good as new after the root canal procedure.

How to Know if You Need a Root Canal

Because you may need a root canal without ever experiencing any symptoms whatsoever, the only real way to know whether or not you need one is for a root canal dentist like Dr. Argandona to examine your teeth. In many cases, however, there are signs that you might need a root canal procedure, including the following:A bad toothache that gets worse with pressureA discolored toothSwollen and/or painful gum tissue around a specific toothSensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks


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