Family Dentistry


Family Dentistry Services In Westlake TX and Leander, TX


Regardless of your age, proper dental care should be a part of your healthcare routine, because a healthy smile can be a reflection of good overall health. With a reliable and friendly family dentist in Leander, you can rest assured that you will get the comprehensive care you need to maintain healthy smiles for yourself and your children. Live Oak Family Dental Care is a family dental practice with more than two decades of experience in providing quality dental care for patients of all ages. From the littlest members of the family to elderly relatives with special oral care needs, our adult and children’s dentists offer a personalized experience for every patient utilizing state-of-the-art technologies for healthier smiles.


Reasons to Seek a Family Dental Hygienist


By looking for a family dental practice, you can add convenience to your care by scheduling appointments for every member of the family on the same day. Plus, your children will benefit from pediatric dentistry with a smooth transition to care for adult teeth all within the same practice from our children’s dentists. Family dental practices also focus highly on preventive care and patient education with each patient’s special needs in mind, even those young members of the family with dental anxiety.

Services Provided by Our Family Dentist

You can find all kinds of services within a single practice when you visit a family dentist like Dr. Argandona at Live Oak Family Dental Care. That means that you won’t have to seek out the care of a specialist for tooth extractions, injuries, or orthodontic treatment. Here’s an even closer look at the diverse services you’ll find within our family-oriented practice.

Cleanings and Checkups

For children, adults, and seniors, biannual cleanings and annual checkups are the foundation for a complete oral care routine. During these visits, the dental hygienist will clean areas of the mouth that are impossible to clean at home, and the dentist will look for any early signs of decay, infections, oral cancer, and other conditions that could progress with more serious symptoms.

Restorative Care

If you sustain an injury to a tooth or require a tooth extraction, your family dentist can restore the health of your smile with crowns, bridges, or veneers that are matched to the color of the natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Care

In addition to clinical services, you might rely on the family dentist for cosmetic dental care to correct discoloration, crowding, or misalignment in the teeth.


Many children will need braces growing up, and you can save yourself from multiple trips to different dental practices with all-inclusive care from a family dentist. Adults in need of orthodontic care can find treatment with Invisalign to straighten the teeth without the look of metal braces.

To address the dental care needs of the whole family, schedule a consultation at Live Oak Family Dental Care today. You can reach us at (512) 337-6646, and we provide Saturday appointments to help you fit dental care into your busy schedule.