Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement System Page

Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement System Page

A missing tooth can only be unsightly, but affect your bite and the position of your remaining teeth. You may think you need extensive dental work to replace a missing tooth, but with Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement System’s innovative technology your doctor can replace your tooth quickly and easily.

The Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement System uses no drill or bridges to replace a missing tooth. The process is practically pain free and no damage is done to your remaining teeth. Your damaged tooth is removed and the Replicate tooth is then placed. Your new tooth matches your remaining teeth in color and shape giving you a totally natural look.

How the Replicate System Works

At your first visit a digital and/or physical impression is taken of your teeth. A three-dimensional x-ray is also taken. These images are used to craft an individualized replica of your tooth. It usually takes about two weeks to get your new tooth back from the lab.

At your second appointment your tooth is removed and your new Replicate tooth is placed. Your doctor removes your old tooth and gently taps the Replicate tooth into place without needing a drill. A small temporary bridge is also placed to an adjacent tooth to secure your new Replicate tooth while it heals. It takes about six months for your new Replicate tooth to bond to your jaw bone and heal.

After your tooth heals, the temporary crown will be removed and a permanent crown is placed onto the Replicate tooth and the temporary bridge is removed. Your new Replicate tooth is now secure and looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Since the Replicate tooth is made of titanium, if your jaw and surrounding tissues remain healthy your new Replicate tooth will last for decades.

If you need a tooth replaced contact Live Oak Family Dental and ask about the Replicate Immediate Tooth Replacement System.

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